Night Thunder

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The Bat

For the reason that the bat is a sociable animal, it is capable of indicating a requirement for more sociability or increased opportunity with greater numbers of humans. It has great auditory perception and is capable of navigating through the dark easily. Their built-in sonar enables them to know what lies beneath the surface. Those with this medicine have uncanny abilities to discern hidden messages both from humans and the environment.


The Bear

The bear holds the teachings of introspection. When it shows up in your life, pay attention to how you think, act and interact. Use discernment in all that you do and discriminate with care. Bear teaches you how to make choices from a position of power.


The Cat

 For the reason of their x-ray vision, acute hearing and high intelligence, they were used throughout history as guardians and protectors. In ancient Egypt, cats guarded the temple gates and were used to ward off evil. If cat appears in your life, the blending of magic and mystery is at hand. A trustworthy teacher, the cat will guide you into the world of self-discovery and transformation.


The Cougar

The other side of cougar is its illusive quality. It is capable of appearing without being noticed and quietly takes control of a situation. Sometimes this is capable of leading to conflict with others over territory. Those with cougar medicine have past life connections relating to power and leadership. When the cougar selects you as its student, be prepared for the ride of your life. It is capable of shred you into little pieces (dissolve karma and identity) then put you back together again with a pure heart and purpose. True leadership through gentle assertiveness is what cougar teaches those with this totem.


The Coyote

Like the coyote, we are capable of working with others to get what we want in life, or we are capable of diving into a lake to catch a reflection. We are capable of sending troubles away or invite them carelessly. When coyote wanders into your life, you are being asked to look at something you have been avoiding. Coyote is our mirror for the lessons we require to learn in order to walk a beneficial sacred road. It will hold up the mirror relentlessly until we finally get the picture. Call on coyote as an ally for negotiating a difficult situation. Or thank him for coming and showing you a trap that you are caught in, or a way that you are fooling yourself. Coyote is an especially powerful teacher with regard to relationships for the reason that it is when we are in a relationship that we are capable of fooling ourselves the most. Coyote is not out there to get us, however to teach us, whether we want to learn or not.


The Crow

The striking black colour of crow represents the colour of creation. It is the womb out of which the new is born. Black, the colour of night, gives birth to the light of a new day. Crow is a daytime bird reminding us that magic and creation are present in both. Their ability to shift between the known and unknown world indicates new journeys. For the reason that crow is adaptable to all environments and will eat almost anything, they are capable of surviving in almost any situation. Crow is associated with magic, unseen forces and spiritual strength. If crow flies into your life, get out of your familiar nest, look beyond your present range of vision, listen to its caw and act accordingly.


The Deer

Watching the deer and her young is a reminder to honour the childlike innocence within yourself and move with gentleness and an open heart. It also suggests that you stand strong on your path and not allow yourself to get distracted by outside influences. The set of antlers that the male deer grows are the antennae that connects it to higher forms of attunement. If you encounter a deer in the wild, try to count the number of points on his? antlers. This number ties into numerology and can hold great significance for those with this totem.


The Dog

Certain breeds of dog were designed for specific functions. The study of the breed and its purpose is capable of helping you define the energy associated with it. Since wolves and coyotes are its descendants, these ought to be studied as well. The behaviour of a dog often reflects the personality of its owner. Through its observation and constant interaction with you, it anticipates your next move, and serves as a mirror image of who you truly are. The dog is a great teacher for those who are willing to be loyal students. The choice is yours.


The Dragonfly

Dragonfly has the ability to reflect and refract light and colours and is often associated with magic and mysticism. It conveys the message that life is not ever what it appears to be. Flying into and around things from different angles, they challenge rigid awareness and prompt the energy of change for anyone who holds this medicine.


The Duck

Affectionate and community-oriented duck medicine humans love and are loved deeply. They often experience a great requirement to be of service and make excellent healers. For the reason that the colouring of one's personal duck is symbolic, healing with colour is capable of being beneficial. Ducks are graceful as they glide through the water reminding us to be gentle with ourselves as we heal, learn and grow into our perfected self.


The Eagle

They remind us to pay attention to our speech and how it affects others. Our words as well as the tone of our voice ought to be examined. Eagle asks us to maintain a prayerful connection with Spirit, to keep our minds focused on what is important in life. Maintaining this attitude removes being judgemental from our consciousness. Without judgement, we speak with encouragement and kindness towards others. Lessons associated with judgement are part of this medicine. Eagles have excellent vision. Perched high in a tree they appear to analyse and observe everything. If Eagle has blessed you with its presence in some way, you are being given potent gifts of clarity and vision to use for the benefit of all humans helping to bring forth the light out of the darkness. Eagle also serves as a reminder to those with this totem to communicate with Great Spirit daily so the gifts Eagle offers you are capable of being utilised fully.


The Elephant

Teeth have great symbolism. They are considered receivers and transmitters of energy linked by connecting paths throughout the astral body. Fot the reason that the elephant is highly intelligent, those with this totem make excellent researchers and alternative scientists. The complex study of numbers, energy meridians and the tie in between the physical brain, the teeth locations, and the major and minor head chakras is fascinating as well as beneficial. Elephant tusks point backwards and are used as weapons and for digging edible roots. From a spiritual point of view, this suggests an ability to uncover the secrets left behind you and bring them to the consciousness for evaluation and healing. This beautiful creature hold the teachings of compassion, loyalty, strength, intelligence, discernment and power to name a few. If this is your medicine, these virtues are a part of your natural character. By applying these gifts in your life soul, evolution is achieved.


The Elk

When elk appears in your life, it may be telling you to polish your act and carry yourself with pride and power. That does not mean you ought to be egotistical, however, for elk knows that its true power comes from Great Spirit. It shows off the gifts it has been given and uses them to its advantage. Elk holds the medicine of strength and empowerment. If you require to be impressive in a situation, it would be helpful to connect with elk and learn from it. If you are shy or unsure, elk are capable of showing you how to become more confident.


The Fox

Those with fox as a totem are often clever and witty however ought to remember to keep their crafty and clever nature balanced or it could backfire. Fox are capable of also suggesting that your actions might be too obvious and you require to learn to be more discreet. Fox is one of the most uniquely skilled and ingenious animals of nature. For the reason that it is a creature of the night, it is often imbued with supernatural powers. The fox has a long history of magic and cunning associated with it. It are capable of moving in and out of situations restoring order or causing confusion depending on the situation. If fox is your totem, pay attention to the way it moves and follow its lead. This is a powerful medicine to have, and those that it belongs to ought to learn to use its skills for the benefit of all, including you.


The Frog

The frog is a totem of metamorphosis. Most frogs undergo a two-stage life cycle. Eggs hatch into tadpoles which grow and eventually become adults. This signifies the awakening of one's creativity. When frog leaps into a human’s life, it is an invitation to jump into their creative power. To do this it is helpful to know which stage of life you are presently in. By studying the characteristics of the frog, the discovery of your present life cycle is known.


The Hawk

The destiny of all humankind is to awaken from their spiritual amnesia and realign with the original intention of their soul. When the hawk flies into our life, we will be asked to evaluate who we have become and rip out the threads of our self-created illusions. This enables our inner truth to surface. Hawk signifies union with Great Spirit. A bird of the heavens, the hawk orchestrates the changes necessary for our spiritual growth. Having this totem are capable of being bitter sweet. If we accept its presence in our life, we will be asked to surrender anything that does not honour the integrity of all life. Be it an idea, a sensation or an action. Although hard work is involved, the rewards the hawk offers us are great.


The Horse

When the horse, either wild or domestic, appears in your life, the following questions ought to be asked. Are you pushing boundaries that are going to cause severe repercussions? Are you attempting in your requirement to be free, to not play by the rules? If so, this may not be a perceived unclear thing, however learn the lesson of mustang, there is capable of being a high price to pay for freedom.


The Leopard

Those with this medicine have strong bodies however are required to remember to release pent up anger, frustrations and other deemed emotions, or physical health issues related to the limbs and the skeleton is capable of occurring. When leopard energy is contained within and not expressed outwardly, arthritic-type conditions can develop. Those with this totem would benefit by imitating the leopard in its movements. Any form of dance, tai chi or rhythmic practise would be beneficial. For the reason that the leopard is a strong and powerful leper, it is capable of showing us how to leap over obstacles efficiently and gracefully. They are masters at negotiating their environment and will continually serve to encourage that master ship in those who hold this totem.


The Lion

Those with this totem will find that their life lessons will involve dealing with groups and community in some way. They will also require to pay attention to the particular role they play within that group and work with others cooperatively. Lion humans have the ability to be balanced leaders however require to keep jealous tendencies under controll. Lions do not fight for the sake of fighting. They avoid confrontation and will leave the scene of danger whenever possible and are capable of guiding those with this totem out of unpleasant situations.


The Owl

They are able to slip in and out of places unnoticed and are capable of teaching us how to do the same. Those with this medicine are usually gifted with clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. Souls who are born with this totem have chosen a path which suggests a requirement to refine and perfect these gifts for the aid of others. They make excellent therapists, psychologists and counselors. Active at dawn and dusk owls are sometimes referred to as the night eagle, a messenger from the darkness and a guide through all the mysteries that it contains. It teaches us how to embrace our personal darkness without fear. If the owl appears in your life, thank it for its willingness to guide you through its shadowy realm to the other side of promise and joy.


The Black Panther

The power of the black panther is the power of silence. It is extremely quiet when hunting or stalking. It knows when to make its presence known and when to become invisible. Black Panthers have acute sensitivity. The hairs on its body especially on the face pick up subtle vibrations. This is symbolic for those with this totem. It indicates a requirement to pay attention to their feelings and honour the messages those feelings convey. Touch is capable of being an important avenue to explore to awaken one's hidden gifts. The Black Panther coat, sleek, smooth and sensual has been linked to sexuality. When black panther appears in a human’s life, it might be asking you to resolve old sexual issues or to embrace your sexuality fully. The Black Panther has great mysticism associated with it. It represents the life and power of the night.

It is capable of showing us how to embrace the darkness and awaken the light within it. When you experience the presence of black panther, one of its most noticeable features is its unblinking stare. It appears to see right through the body. Those with this medicine use their eyes as a healing tool and have the potential to heal on a cellular level.


The Rabbit

Sensitive with keen observation skills, the rabbit has strong reflexes that help them dash to safety quickly protecting themselves from danger. They are capable of being seen, disappear and reappear in the twinkling of an eye. Fast, agile and clever they hold the teachings of spontaneous decisive movement. Always knowing which direction to go and when. When rabbit appears it is enabling you to take advantage of opportunities that may only present themselves for brief moments. Rabbits are guides into the shadow world, where all of our personal fears lie. When the rabbit appears, it is time to examine those deep reflexive fears that hold you back from growing. Do you keep dashing for the safety of your old patterns every time something new or challenging presents itself? If so the rabbit asks you to face your fears with compassion for yourself. Accept that it is part of human nature to feel fear at times, however also believe that our fears require not to paralyze our growth and movement.


The Raccoon

Hiding behind its mask, it is capable of taking on several identities at once and play out different roles. Seldom does it reveal its true identity. It loves adventure and leads us down a road to new discoveries. Shape shifting is part of its magic. Those with this totem do well in professions relating to the theater. Raccoons have an air of indifference around them when caught in the act of a robbery, although if provoked they are capable of becoming ferocious. Strong and muscular the raccoon is capable of holding its ground in most all situations and teaches us to do the same. The raccoon is a powerful ally and holds the gift of transformation. When, it appears in a human's life, the many faces of self are about to be revealed.


The Rat

Those with this totem are survivours. Their tendency is to hoard what they have for the reason that they fear that they do ntt have enough. This fear prompts them to acquire large quantities of things and fight aggressively to maintain what they have acquired. Rat medicine humans are not selfish, however they are capable of appearing that way to those who do not know them well. Holding onto everything and being the pack rat is their way of feeling secure in an insecure world. Fortunately, rats adapt well to environmental changes and are capable of surviving on just about anything. They hold the teachings of resourcefulness. Their fear of not being provided for can be healed by participating in supportive group activities, meditation and prayer.


The other side of Rat is that it reflects back to us our own human capacity for greed, taking so much that other's requirements are denied. They will sometimes overeat and throw up rather than let food go by. They will dispossess other small animals of their homes if they are capable, wanting no competition for food. They truly personify humankind's imperialistic drives, which are making life on the planet more and more tenuous. If Rat has come to you, look at ways you may be participating in wasteful consumption or fear-based emotions and begin to change your habits appropriately.


The Raven

The raven knows the mystery of life. They have an intimate association with death and rebirth. For the reason that raven would feed on the corpses of the dead hanging on the gallons, early European settlers feared this bird and considered it to be an ill omen. In truth, however, raven ought to be respected, not feared. There are many stories in native cultures about this illusive black bird. Shamans know the power of an unexpected piercing sound in altering consciousness. Ravens exercise this power, emitting a variety of sounds and are capable of aiding us in shifting our consciousness into various dimensional realms. This is one reason why the raven is known as a shape shifter with magical powers. Anyone with raven as a totem is capable of expecting continual changes and spiritual awakenings throughout their life.


Raven picks its students according to their accumulated wisdom. It flies into a human’s life carrying the energy of magic and healing. If it decides to settle in and take up residence, it will stay as long as necessary to aid you in transmuting your karma then return you to the light. It will push, prod, and lead you into the discovery of your multidimensional self and reunite you with the secrets of the multidimensional universe. Those with this totem ought to remember to meet raven, not with fear, however rather with an appreciation for the teachings that it holds.


The Redbreasted Robin

The red colouring of the robin's chest is linked to the Kundalini in man. This life force lives coiled up within the base of the spine. When sufficient spiritual growth has been attained, it uncoils, rising up the spine to create heightened awareness. This process enhances psychic vision which leads us into enlightenment. Those with this medicine are dedicated spiritual seekers. Growth is capable of being slow and arduous. With patience, compassion and proper focus, spiritual ideals are achieved. Robins lay powder blue eggs. This is the colour associated with the throat chakra in man. It is also linked to heavenly inspiration. For the reason that the throat chakra's main function is to express the will of Great Spirit and the egg is symbolic of new life, this helpful little totem teaches us how to assert the creative will of Great Spirit in all we do. It leads us into new beginnings without fear by restoring faith within our hearts.


The Snake

Snake has been a symbol of life and sexuality for thousands of years in many cultures. It is a totem of power, renewal and transmutation. Snakes lack eardrums and external ear openings however have small bones in the head that conduct sound. They are able to hear low frequency sounds and sense vibrations that travell through the earth. This links them to the underworld where secrets are stored. The snake symbolises healing on a cellular level. For the reason that their bodies are lightweight and flexible, they have speed and agility. When they enter into your world, expect swift changes to sweep through your life. These changes signify a death of the old and a birth into untapped power, creativity and wisdom. Snake is a powerful totem to have. Only those with a high degree of spiritual training, be it past or present, will be awarded this totem. It is the guardian of sacred places and the keeper of hidden knowledge.


 The Tiger

Tigers are also known for their healing properties. Their body parts are sought for use in traditional Chinese medicine and exotic herbal remedies. Their orange-gold coloring symbolises vitality and regeneration. Those with this medicine heal quickly. The Tiger teaches us how to see into the world of the extraordinary. Those with this medicine have a strong sensitivity to touch and make excellent body workers. Creating sacred space where others are not capable of entering, spending time alone in order to gather the energy required to move tirelessly throughout life is advantageous for those with this totem. When tiger appears, get ready for adventure, challenge and change. The power, passion and vitality of tiger will activate the same components within yourself.


The Wolf

They howl to find other pack members or to let wolves from outside of the pack know their territory boundaries. If you hear a wolf howl, it might be telling you to stand your ground and defend your boundaries. The Wolf teaches you to have a balance between the requirements your family has of you and the requirements you have for yourself. They are totally loyal to the pack however do not give up their identity to the pack. If wolf appears in your life, you are being asked to look at where you are being too dependent and where you may be too independent. In both family and community there requirements to be a balance. Their body language is symbolic for those with this medicine. Man also uses body language to convey messages. The study of this art is capable increase perception in those with this totem. They do not fight unnecessarily and often go out of their way to avoid fighting. Sometimes a growl, a glance, a posture is all that is necessary to determine dominance. Wolf teaches those with this medicine to know who you are and to develop strength and confidence in what you do.



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