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Listening Is As Important As Speaking


While engaging in conversations with the humans that you perceive of as your friends and co-workers, how often do you perceive that the other humans have truly heard what you have said?


If you want to succeed in social settings, relationships, and business, one way to ensure your success is to be a great listener.


There are a few simple rules you are capable of following to assist you to become an enhanced listener, therefore enhancing your conversation skills.


1. Stop speaking.


This may seem very simplistic however if you are constantly speaking, how are others capable of expressing themselves? Make an effort to shift the focus of the conversation to the other being.


Be aware of your own body language. Match the other being's body language by leaning forward when they lean forward, etc.


Attention to small details will give the humans you are speaking a perception that you truly hear what they are saying and that you are genuinely interested in their



If you choose to sit with your arms crossed, constantly check your \watch, or stare out the window, the human with whom you are speaking will perceive that you are distant and



2. Be aware of the tone of your voice.

Even if you are only giving brief answers or asking short questions, the tone of your voice plays a major part in communicating effectively.


If your tone suggests a condescending attitude, boredom, or anger, you will lose your audience and humans will no longer want to spend time speaking with you or listening to what you have to say.


A respectful, preferably friendly tone will allow you to communicate efficiently and earn you the respect of others.


3. In order to move the conversation forward, ask questions to clarify or invite additional information.


Questions indicate that you are fully attentive to what is being said and that you have a real interest in the speaker's views.


Give your full attention to the speaker. When you show others that you want to hear them, they will automatically grant you the same courtesy.

Maintain eye contact and always face the speaker. You will be able to express your own views much more effectively if you have the full attention of your audience.


If you give your full attention, you will certainly receive the same in return.


4. Engage in light, pleasant conversation as often as you engage in meaningful, direct conversation.


If you always guide the conversation in the direction of achieving your goal, you will leave the impression of distance and a superior attitude.


You will get a much more favourable response if you relate to others on a personal level as well as in a professional or authoritative manner.


Humans want to experience being appreciated and unique. Make a point to address each human you encounter and do so in a positive, friendly manner. Conversation skills include treating others as you would choose to be treated.


High-quality conversation skills include much more than simply speaking with others. Listening, superiour body language, questioning, pleasantries, and mutual respect are important elements in any conversation and are also personality traits exhibited by successful humans.


You are capable of improving your image and your ability to communicate if you choose to follow these simple guidelines when communicating with others.


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