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We at Night-Thunder International deeply appreciate our clients and ability to serve them. We truly perceive our services and capabilities as one of a kind! With that being said, we choose to offer our services at affordable rates so that we can help as many as time will allow. While we are able to provide outstanding service to our clients worldwide, there are still some whom we are not able to assist due to their financial situation. In addition, Night-Thunder International does incur its own unique overhead costs including travel, supplies, materials, web site, etc.

That’s where you can choose to assist. Feel free to donate in any amount to Night-Thunder International!  Your donation will go to supporting a one of a kind organization that works to assist clients with the actual causes of their dis-eases, illnesses and imbalances rather than just dealing with the symptomatic results of them, as Allopathic Medicine does.

We thank you in advance for your time, consideration and donation!


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