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In the webpage we will information about both Physical Sexuality and Spiritual Sexuality Energy!  

We believe that human sexuality has become burdened with many judgments, fears and what are deem of as being emotions. Many humans are full of fear and tension when it comes to sexually expressing yourselves. In our perception, one of the major reasons is for this is the human religions that they have created.  

What is Physical Sexuality?
To begin with sex refers to whether or not a human is male or female..A human’s sex often means his or her reproductive system and genitalia, as well as how the human outwardly expresses his or her sex through gender roles and behaviour as a male or a female. Sex, for many, an important part of sexuality.  

Though sexuality is a great deal more than sexual feelings or sexual intercourse. It includes being aware of oneself as a physical sexual being, having sex appeal and being sexy in the way a human behaves, dresses, and communicates. It is an important part of who a human is and what he or she will become. It also includes feelings, thoughts, and behaviours of being male or female, being attractive and being in love, as well as being in relationships that include sexual intimacy and physical sexual activity. A human’s sexuality is shaped by their perceived values and teachings that the human learns as a child and adolescent from family, friends, associates and society.  

Aspects of Physical Sexuality
Body image: This includes how humans see and experience about ourselves, and about how human perceive that they appear to others.
Gender roles: These refer to the ways that humans express their physical sex as male and female.
Relationships: The different ways humans interact with others and express their approach for others.
Intimacy: A close sharing of thoughts or feelings in a relationship, not necessarily physical closeness.
Conditional Love: Feelings of affection and how humans express those feelings for others.
Sexual arousal: The different aspects that get humans excited sexually.
Social roles: How each human joins and becomes a factor to their society.
Genitals: The physical parts of the human body that define a human sex, and are important in sexual pleasure and reproduction.

Spiritual sexuality is connecting to someone on a level beyond the physical. Throughout your lives you are conditioned to understand sex only at a physical level. It is the physical part that translates into pleasure. You view this in films and written literature. You have become conditioned to believe that sex is either for pleasure or for creating life.


What if you were to be told that there was another type of level of sexual connection?

What if you were to be told that when you connect at a spiritual level, you transcend into a new a level of being? This is a level of contentment within yourself and with the world around you.

What if you were to be told that if you were capable of learning to find contentment at this level, you would attract an abundance of clear energy and might be capable to tap into unconditional love?


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