14 Amazing Tyoes of Orgasms

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14 Amazing Types of Male and Female Orgasms

By Maurice Tate

You were born as a result of an male orgasm. Why do we not celebrate male and female orgasms?

Why does our society let us see lots of murders on TV but not many orgasms of men and women?

I believe our orgasmic energy is the basis of life and our vitality so lets us look at orgasms of men and women.

Speaking as a sexologist, I believe many men and womens concept of orgasms is limited to a definition of ejaculation orgasm for a man and a clitoris orgasm for a woman.

I like to expand this definition to define an orgasm to be a build up of energy in the body that is released spontaneously in rhythmical pulses.

Do you know that men and women can have....

· micro orgasms

· energy orgasms

· breathe orgasms male and female

· whole body orgasms

· heart orgasms

· Men: orgasms with no ejaculation

· Prostrate orgasms

· Women: clitoris orgasms

· g spot orgasms,

· cervical orgasms

· Women orgasms involving different types of ejaculation

· Combination orgasms of several types

· Vulva mega orgasms

· Orgasms lasting hours and hours

· Going beyond the pleasure of orgasms to a deep spiritual state of deep unboundedness and suspension of breath.

I also like how Kenneth Ray Stubbs in his book Sacred Orgasms covers this topic. (Secret Gardens, Larkspur, Ca. 1992). this book has been republished as The Essential Tantra.

He expands the definition of orgasm to include spiritual and mystical aspects. He proposes 4 main types of orgasms.

· Sexual orgasm

· Light body orgasm

· Spirit body orgasm

· Soul orgasm

Most men do not separate orgasm from ejaculation. As a man, I have learned to have male multiple orgasms with no ejaculation or a loss of energy.

Now I can match the true orgasmic potential of a orgasmic woman.

Exploring your sexual orgasmic potential is something that few of us do, but in my experience is very life changing and profound.



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