How to find the "G" Spot

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How to Find the G-spot

(Gräfenberg Spot)


The G-spot (named after the German Gynecologists Gräfenberg) is a region inside a woman's vagina that is supposed to be particularly sensitive to stimulation by a man's pen is. Hitting the G-spot location can give your woman an orgasm she'll remember all week.


1)    First, learn a little bit about female anatomy. The location of the G-spot is inside the vagina, about 2-4 inches from the opening, and it lies on the front wall.


2)    When penetrating, position your member so that it is caressing the front of the vaginal wall inside. Move slowly at first so that she is capable of feeling..


3)    When finding your partners G-spot for the first time, do not be shy to ask her how she feels when you move or touch her. Not all women have the G-spot in the exact same location, and not all women are as sensitive there as others.


4)    One way to help your woman get aroused with G-spot stimulation is to touch her other erogenous zones. She is more likely to feel an intense pleasurable sensation if she is well-aroused.


5)    You may want to stimulate your partner with your fingers first, so that you are capable off exploring the inside of her vagina more intimately.


6)    To prevent your search for the G-spot location from feeling too much like a gynecological exam, keep the lights low, and use sensual massage oils to have fun.




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