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God Save the Queen/King


God Save the Queen/King”, is an anthem used in a number of Commonwealth realms. It is the national anthem of the United Kingdom and its territories and dependendencies, Norfolk Island, one of the two national anthems of the Cayman Islands and New Zealand (since 1977) and the royal anthem of Canada (since 1980), Australia (since 1984), Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Jamaica, and Tuvalu. In countries not previously part of the British Empire, the tune of “God Save the Queen” has also been used as the basis for different patriotic songs, though still generally connected with royal ceremony. The words of the song, like its title, are adapted to the gender of monarch, with "King" replacing "Queen", "he" replacing "she", and so forth, when a king reigns. In the UK, the last line of the third verse is also changed.

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