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Wholistic Remedies


Wholistic therapies address the whole human on every level of her or his being, spirit, relationships (with other humans and with the environment), mind, feelings, and physical body. Each of these five levels may require attention individually and at the same time each is intimately related with all of the others. Each level is capable of contributing to the development of dis-ease and dis-ease and is capable of providing entrance ways for therapies. In Western society humans have subdivided the house of their being in which they live into rooms that are, in clear truth, completely interconnected.

The functions and interactions of these levels are enormously complex. The graceful and humorous counterpointing quotes below assist to bridge these complexities, which are to a great extent artefacts of your left-brained, analytic ways of describing the full essence of your whole beingness. Humans have subdivided whole individuals into various sub-categories that are convenient for discussion, research and therapeutic sub-specialties, however which distort the underlying wholistic realities of your existence.

When you heal yourself and assist others with
their self-healing you heal the world.
You do make a difference!

Wholistic Health Care is a way of every day living, an approach to health care that addresses not just symptoms and dis-ease however the "whole" human being. Night-Thunder International’s mission and aim is to educate and promote healing of others through alternative and complementary therapies. After more than twenty years in the field of wholistic health, we continue to watch the Western consciousness awakening. We are witnessing a collective shift in society's values towards health and healing. Many disillusioned individuals are looking beyond a western medical system that relies heavily on invasive treatments such as surgery and medications with many possible side effects, and are looking to replace or complement this approach with wholistic medicine and modalities.

Nature does not recognise the human concept of what is perceived as good and bad, it only recognises balance and imbalance..

Night-Thunder International is dedicated to assisting all humans and beings regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs, with their personal journey to health and wellness for the Lifestream, Mind, Body & Soul; using various healing modalities for the individual seeking to heal the whole self from the inside out.

If you are ready to take control of your physical, feeling, and spiritual health you have come to the precise place that is capable of assisting you with your journey.

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