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        Welcome To Night-Thunder International

A Bridge Between Your Spiritual

and Your Physical Perceptions

Night-Thunder was founded and began as a company in the year 1989 C.E. (Common Era) in the U.S.A. Its main purpose is to provide, to provide an "alternative" to Allopathic Medicine for humans.
The founder of Night-Thunder realised that there is a natural healing ability within each and every human's unconscious mind that for the most part lay dormant for the simple reason of lack of use. By tapping into this ability and awakening its "power," humans are capable of healing themselves! Night-Thunder's efforts are to assist humans with the actual causes of their dis-eases, illnesses and imbalances rather than just dealing with the symptomatic results of them, as Allopathic Medicine does! The founder clearly understands that the cause of all dis-ease, illness and imbalance is a direct result of the thought patterns of the conscious mind and the held emotional energy and by just assisting the physical body alone without tapping into the unconscious mind will only assist with the symptomatic causes of the dis-ease, illness or imbalance, not the actual cause!

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#2 karangeorge 2016-12-05 10:42
love the site. they provide amazing information and surprising facts :)
#1 MasterJai 2013-05-03 17:56
I find this site very informative and educational.

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