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Who Gets Distance Healing


·         Humans who realise that there is no difficulty with distant healing. With quantum healing, non-local healing works just like local bio-energy healing.


·         Humans with chronic health problems who want natural healing often chose biofeedback therapy so they know what their body is trying to tell them.


·         Humans interested in spiritual deemed emotional healing and alternative healing.


·         Caregivers who require energetic healing and extra deemed  emotional healing.


·         Stressed executives who look to long-distance healing when there is a requirement of an extra boost of energy healing.


·         Parents with children with ADD, ADHD, and autism use biofeedback and quantum healing to help them have more focused attention.


·         Sports performers who use bio-energy to raise their vibrational levels and perform at their mental and physical best even at a distance!


·         Humans who use vibrational healing to balance out their chakras when they are stressed and worried.


·         Humans who use quantum distance healing for emotional healing and support.


·         Humans who are interested in holistic health and want to participate in their own energetic healing.


·         Support before and after surgery to help with energy healing.


·         Humans who ask the healer to assist with managing stress when they are going through relationship changes: loss of loved-one, break-up, marriage, or divorce


·         Humans who acknowledge the body-mind healing connection


·         Those who require encouragement from their healers to help them with their career, family, personal development.


·         Humans who require holistic practioners on their team that are capable of offering emotional support!


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