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PsychoNeuroResonanceImmunology (PNRI) is "the study of the interactions among the mind, immune system, the neurological system, and what is deemed of as the "spirit or lifestream" that modulates susceptibility of the dis-ease or its progression." Resonance is the ability to deeply sense and understand with the state of another. It is a basic psycho-therapeutic skill which relates to the quality and depth of contact one has with both of their own process and that of another's. It merges concepts of the mind-body-energy-lifestream interconnectedness into a comprehensive plan of care through energy and psychological intervention on various immune and inflammatory parameters. The therapist is required to be aware of the difference between resonance and reaction. Resonance is truly responsive to another's process, while reaction arises as a projection based on our own past history.

Every part of the human body is connected to the immune system and the brain in some way, be it via a direct nervous tissue connection, or by the common chemical language of neuro-peptides and hormones. This clearly suggests that the immune system (which keeps humans free from external invaders and also maintains their internal homoeostasis) does not operate in nothingness, though is sensitive to inside and outside influences such as the chemicals secreted in the brain, the words and thoughts that one uses and contemplates, and the energetic pattering in response to the "mental-emotional" processing.

PsychoNeuroResonanceImmunology focuses on the influence of one's beliefs and one's belief systems that the individual client chooses to carry and also on the "emotions" that one choose to hold on to and how these affect the immunity that effects the physical body.

PNRI addresses the connections between the mind, neuro-endocrine (nervous and hormonal) immune systems, lymphatic system, skeletal system, muscular system, the human organs and the energy disciplines of the physical human body. How the interactions between mental, "emotional" and energetic states affect the immune system functioning, and ultimately health.

PsychoNeuroResonanceImmunology is not based on any one system of "healing," it is eclectic and uses techniques and therapies suggested by a broad mix of disciplines. Some of the techniques will be familiar, however the research has shown that there are not any simple answers.

The emphasis in PNRI on searching beyond the traditional therapies and concepts of allopathic medicine (though not excluding them) has made the art and science of healing more whole and also more complex. For those who embark on this healing journey, it becomes an adventure into awareness and a constant revelation of the complexities of the human condition.

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