Is it Clear for Healers to Charge?

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Is it clear for Healers to Charge when someone comes to them for Healing?

A question that we have been asked, every now and then over our lifetime on the Earth is ought we to be charging for the work that Night-Thunder does?

It is our perception, that it would be great if a real healer would be capable of working on everyone that comes to them for free. It would be great if, as in the days of old, a village or community supported their healer. It would also be great if everyone that came to a healer owned their part and allowed the healing to take place easily.

In the twenty-first century CE on this planet healers, as with the majority of beings that walk this earth, have bills that they are required to pay. Simiar to those who do not choose to walk this path, thus we are required to choose to charge for our services.

In a perceived perfect world, it would be ideal to be able to do our work full-time for free; however, in this world, you most likely would find your chosen healer in the streets, or some makeshift community scratching and clawing just to stay alive, forget about being healthy.  Would you really want this being to attempt to assist you with your healing?

Many healers are similar to you in that, along with their bills, they also have families and children to clothe and feed. The work we do as healers is not any different than dentists, medical physicians, psychotherapists or others who work in mainstream medical services and who receive monies for their time, effort and expertise.

Money, in whatever currency, is just a token for that energy transferred, no more and no less. Humans think nothing of using this energy (money) to pay for your fuel bills, or entertainment, which is also energy.

Energy is continually flowing throughout the lives of every being on this planet, just changing form and names.

Also, at a deeper level, it is important that an exchange be made for such services. Humans live in a universe, which is held in close to perfect balance. Energy flows from one place to another, at no time is there ever a void. It is the universal nature of give and take. Some call this yin and yang.

When a healing session, reading or attunement is given freely, it produces an imbalance. Humans unconsciously do not put much value on something unless they "pay" for it, and are deep psychological issues since the beginning of human de-evolvement. In modern times, the "pay" is more equated to monies, yet you will find a few who consider bartering equally valuable.  The patrons value the services or experiences, being unable (at an energetic level) to accept it for the reason that they have given nothing in return; therefore what they are being given is meaningless to them.

If someone is happy to get something for "free”, it is for the reason that they already know its value. Then they always expect it to be "free" and will subconsciously or unconsciously de-value the session if it continues to be "free."

This is especially important when it comes to what is known as energy healing or attunements, as this may compromise the power and the belief in the system, as well as the tutor/master/therapist.

There is a tale of a healer whom humans did not choose to make a financial exchange with for their healing.  All the clients that came to him improved, although after a short time he began to observe a reflective change among those who were receiving the free healing. The ones who did not return energy to him in some form soon began to decline in health and quickly found themselves back to where they had started. He realised what was happening and suggested that those who were not capable of affording to compensate him in money, return the energy to him in some other form. For example by working for him around the home or garden in whatever capacity they were able to. As the energy exchange grew, so did the health of his clients improve and this time it was permanent.

At Night-Thunder International, we do choose to heal a portion of humans that come to us without charging a fee for what is deemed as being a spiritual service, along with our paying clients.

We understand that there are those humans that have perceivably been abused by some who have charged a perceived outrageous amount of money for something that they were or were not capable of providing, thus they have violated the energy exchange.  It has been reported that sometimes this has been in the hundreds and even thousands of Pounds U. S dollars, Yen, Euros, Australian dollar and others. 

There are also unseen costs to what is known as energy healing that many humans are unaware of includes rent, lighting, heating work premises, the working hours allocated for the services provided, all the preparation for attunements and healing sessions. The therapists side of the session begins long before the client’s side does! There is also the upkeep and replacement of the equipment used; the time spent writing manuals and other information.

As someone that is called a healer, shaman or medicine person and a clear channel for healing, I am required to keep myself as pure as possible. This for me means, I do not smoke or drink coffee. I rarely, if ever, consume alcohol and do not ever do my work when weak. I attempt to eat practical.  I attempt to place myself in the finest shape mentally, physically, feeling and spiritually, which means that I am capable of offering my clearest self to the client. I hope that others hold themselves to this level also!

On one side of the fence, there are humans that hold that their "healings" ought to be without charges believe that:

  • Healing is a "God given gift"; as such, it would be wrong to take advantage of the gift and make money from it. 
  • Healers use Universal energy and that costs the healer nothing, therefore it would be unreasonable to put a price on it.
  • Healing is a calling, not a profession.
  • Many humans are not capable of affording much and would not come forwards if healing were charged for.

On the other one side of the fence, there are humans that hold that clients ought to be charged for healing believe that:

  • Healers have to make a living just like anyone else. If they do not charge for their services then most would have to take a day and or night job that would affect the number of humans that they were capable of assisting.
  • Many healers have undergone professional training, just like a physician has. The training has usually been at their personal expense and they may have had to purchase equipment and tools for their chosen healing modality. Asking for payment is therefore reasonable as both time and money was invested into being trained.
  • Charges represent the time spent with each client.
  • Charges cover overheads such as room hire, heating, lighting and consumables.
  • Healing is as much a job as construction, firefighting, hairdresser or any other line of work. Would you expect to walk up to a hairdresser and  get a free haircut for no charge!
  • Clients often respond superiour when they have invested something into their healing. They are more likely to respect the healer as a professional. They are also more likely to listen to and follow after care advice.
  • Healing ought to involve an energy exchange, it ought to not be one way, the Healer just gives and the client just receives. Money is capable of being viewed as energy and represents the client’s part of the exchange.

If your healer or shaman has one or more of these attributes or warning signs you might choose not to seek them out; however, that is after all your choice.


1) Beware the healer that is not capable of bearing your tears

One of the ways that the human physical body to releases is by crying tears.

2) Beware the healer who has non refundable fees upfront

It is truly astonishing what some healers will have the gall to demand from their clients. The following are reports by individuals.

You require to give me $1,500 upfront, non-refundable before we speak". As in "you need to buy $1,200 only from this one shop in Tibet before we go further". As in "it is best for you to get the $1,100 essential oil aromatherapy package" or "the $750 package of candles with rock salt holders" and so on. You have an enity attached to you and to get rid of it it has to be buried in Ireland, you have to pay $7000.00 so this can be done properly.

In our perception, large and /or, non refundable fees upfront are the sure signs of practitioners who do not have confidence in their services

If the healer does not have any regard for your financial situation, then you ought to seriously question if they have your clearest interests at heart. Those who operate from a space of abundance have no requirement to "rip you off" by having you purchase unnecessary extras.

3) Beware of the healer who makes financial demands

The healing transaction ought to simply be this. You have a perceived problem. You go to a healer for assistance. They assist you to facilitate your process. You consider yourself improved.  Maybe you purchase some inexpensive healing tools, similar to books or CDs, maybe you do not. Maybe you go again, maybe you do not. Yet whatever you do, it is completely up to you. Any financial exchange outside these parameters ought to be questioned.

4) Beware of the healer who makes out of the ordinary demands

Even the Hippocratic Oath recognises that the healing relationship gives the healer a degree of power, which is capable of being misrepresented for sexual advantage. The news is full of people who use their position as healer for the purpose of sexual experimentation. Of course, healers like these may say things like "sharing my energy through sex will only boost yours", "once you have sex with me, you will be healed", "you are lucky to be touching my super-powerful energy, it will change you for life!" or "your romantic partner is a loser and sex with me will heal you". These are all fabrications and a healer who makes such claims ought to be avoided at all costs.

If your healer asks you to say/do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable in anyway, ask them to stop. If they are a caring healer, then they will instantly comply with your request. If not, then just walk away.

5) Do you agree with the healer’s philosophy?

If a healer that you choose informs you that they do not have a philosophy about healing, then this is all you are required to know. You might choose to seek elsewhere.

6) Is your healer cost conscious and result oriented?

In our perception, the finest healers are in the business of un-employing themselves. They would rather see someone being healed than having them as an inexhaustible customer.


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