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Workshops and Classes


Electromagnetic Body

The fee for this workshop is $595.00 USD per person. A deposit of $200.00 USD per person will reserve a place for individuals The balance of $295.00 is due 3 weeks prior to the workshop.



How to Become a Healer - Healing Practitioners Study and Developmental Course

The fee for this 30 to 36 month class course is $12,000.00 to $14,400.00 USD per human depending how long it takes for each student to finish the class. This programme is self paced though experience has shown us that most students complete all the phases in 32 months.


Fees include: Tuition and Administrative Fees, Required Texts (if any), all Course Fees including practicum, and exams. Payment plans are available.


No certificate will be issued at the end of the Night-Thunder International Course, however a letter will be sent to those completing the course successfully, confirming their participation and the papers studied.


If you wish to choose to come for an interview, please be kind enough to ring Night-Thunder International, Incorporated

(01-855-NTI-JUNK) for an application form - please note that places are not being allocated at present.

Please note that this course is not running at present, though ought to be available again later in the year. For more information, please contact Night-Thunder International.

Each session will last approximately two hours. The Course is suitable for beginners, and also for those with some Healing experience who wish to widen their knowledge.

The object of the course is to give a sound basic understanding of the nature of Healing Energy and to illustrate both by tutorial demonstration and student participation, its application and possible beneficial effects. Also to develop within the aspiring Healer, the ability to access and direct, at will, those energies whose source is Universal Consciousness. To emphasise and demonstrate, through word and action, the importance of a beneficial client/healer relationship.



How to be a great lover to yourself

The fee for this two-day seminar is $400.00 USD for individuals and $600.00 USD for couples. A deposit of $200.00 USD will reserve a place for individuals and $300 USD for couples. The balance of $200.00 USD or $300.00 USD is due 2 weeks prior to the seminar.



Sexuality and Spirituality In Relationships Weekend Workshop

The fee for this weekend workshop, which includes seminar material, snacks and beverages, is $695 per couple. A deposit of $300.00 will reserve a place for you. The balance of $395 is due 3 weeks prior to the workshop.


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