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Testimonials about Night-Thunder, International 


Thank you Night-Thunder!



As a Reiki Master your work is really beyond Reiki.  Thank you for your help. CB



I wanted to let you know how powerful your healing session was for me. I felt definitely felt energy shifts within my physical body. The session helped me to access my own healing abilities. I was impressed with your skill as a healer in enabling me to relax and experience such a profound shift. Thank you so much for your help on my journey. L.S.



I have had two profound experiences in my life. The first was the birth of my child, and the second was Night-Thunder. CZ.



I still can't believe that I am walking again. You healed my knee. I am now able to work again! SW.



I do not understand what you do, only that you have helped me so very much! LS.



I use to take a bottle of aspirin a month and now I do not take any. God bless you! RS.


The cancer is gone and you saved my breast. Thank you! FZ.


I have had pains for two or three days each month of my cycle since they it first began, which kept me in bed. After my third session the pain on the left side of my body disappeared and on the sixth session the pain on the other side disappeared. I am able to function and my cycle is enjoyable now. JB.




Night Thunder has helped transform me mentally, physically and spirtually. I feel in touch now with the universe, and that I am able to fully reach the goals I have set forth. Each day I awake and feel that I need to thank Night Thunder for setting me free.  JP




I had the most profound healing experience last night. I had work done with Night-Thunder International and it really opened me up. Then later on I got into my bathtub and got into very deep releasing – very intense but really cleared up a LOT. I am deeply grateful to Night-Thunder International for orchestrating this beautiful healing.   JS


For about a year my gallbladder was bothering me and I "felt" it on almost a daily basis. I was aware I had gallstones and went to a naturopathic physician who suggested my gallbladder issues were tied to anger

I began working with the therapist at Night-Thunder International to see if I could unveil my anger issues.I also began seeing another wellness Doctor who wanted me to get some medical tests for my gallbladder.

When I mentioned this to the therapist, they asked me to wait until the following week to get the tests while they worked on me. The work included a session and some distance healing over the weekend.

After the session with Night-Thunder International, I no longer "feel" my gallbladder and the medical tests concluded I did not have gallbladder disease.

And this week, I was angry and actually felt the anger in my body for this first time. C C

For a long time I had been getting weaker and weaker. Doctors could not find anything physical wrong with me. I tried medication after medication.

Nothing helped. A friend told me about Night-Thunder International. I went to see them. At first I thought they were crazy but after a few visits my energy returned. I decided to work on some other issues also.

It is the real deal. SW


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