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Country: Global

Price: $25.00 - 50.00 USD Plus Postage

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These Twilight Balancer Cards have a vibrational basis, similar to the quartz crystal. We believe that everything on this planet, including humans, are made up of electromagnetic energy (Electromagnetic fields are caused by electrically charged objects, which influence the behaviour of materials or charged particles around the field. The total amount of energy of the field and the materials it affects is called electromagnetic field energy). Our concept is based on the premise that all physical human bodies are made up of interconnected fields of acknowledged (not empirically observable) energy and that when a physical human body is not in a proper way it is the result of one or more of these energetic fields being unbalanced and that the rebalancing of these seemingly mysterious energies will assist to re-establish a being's proper health.

How much do the Twilight Balancer Cards cost? The cards begin at the cost of $25.00 for a maximum total of 12 frequencies. For $50.00 you will get a card with at least one hundred real frequencies that focus on any issue you may require.

The Twilight Balancer Card is a great way to experience energy medicine for the first time and or to enhance any other complementary alternative medicine modality.

These unique Twilight Balancer Cards offer another solution in your healthcare options for improved health and quality of life. While these cards do not replace medication or nutritional supplements they offer another viable choice for therapy without the side effects.

Supporters claim that dis-ease within the physical body occurs at the cellular and bimolecular levels. In what is considered to be vibrational medicine, healing is believed to extend from the bimolecular level to the cellular and finally, to the anatomical.

Everything you observe around you is one of the forms of matter vibrating at one of the densest forms of electromagnetic energy vibration. However there are many vibrations that are beyond your vision, and some of these you are capable of experiencing.

Physical Matter is the densest form of energy that human beings are aware of at this time. However, depending on the frequency of vibration, energy will manifest in one of three basic forms.

Electromagnetic energy (The highest spectrum of energy)

Sonic energy (The mid-range spectrum of energy)

Physical Matter (The lowest spectrum of energy)


Electromagnetic Energy Facts

The different types of electromagnetic waves are light, microwaves, x-rays, and TV and radio transmissions.

Here is a list of the electromagnetic waves in the decreasing order of their frequencies that constitute the electromagnetic spectrum:

  • Gamma rays
  • X-rays
  • Ultraviolet rays
  • Visible light rays
  • Infrared rays
  • Microwaves
  • Radio waves (FM)
  • Radio waves (AM)
  • Long radio waves

The higher the energy of the particles of electromagnetic wave, the shorter is the wavelength.

Electromagnetic waves travell through any material as well as through vacuum.

The velocity of electromagnetic waves in vacuum is same as that of light, i.e. approximately 1,86,000 miles per second or 3,00,000 kilometers per second.

When electromagnetic waves enter matter, they slow down i.e. their energy decreases, hence wavelength increases.

When any object is heated, its particles are accelerated that causes change in their electric and magnetic fields, thus forming an electromagnetic wave. Whereas when an electromagnetic wave hits an object, it generates heat at the surface that in turn causes the particles of that object to vibrate. The heat and vibration of the particles depends on the wavelength and energy of the electromagnetic wave.

Beings utilise electromagnetic energy in your day-to-day life without being aware of its existence.

Many wish to know what the accurate truth about energy healing is. Does it really work? According to most standard medical practitioners, and orthodox scientists, the answer is no, it does not work. They state there is no scientific basis for this type of therapy, and there is no proof that it actually does anything to relieve illness of any type, whether mental, emotional, or physical. Although is this the final word? We would say it is not, for the reason simple reason that there is an increasing number of medical physicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists who believe that energy healing is a very effective, painless, risk free, and less expensive form of healing. They say it works, and many of them not only say it, they incorporate it into their practices.

These Twilight Balancer Cards have been created as a tool that is capable of assisting you to heal the physical human body by activating its natural healing energies; you also heal the physical human body by restoring energies that have become weak, disturbed, or out of balance of the physical body, mind, feelings and lifestream.

In our truth, healing is concerning change within for the individual’s most elevated and clearest benefit. As individuals choose to heal, grow and become free of their own chosen burdens that are wearing them down, then science is proving that this is capable of not only slowing the aging process, however it is capable of also reversing it.

These Twilight Balancer Cards have been created to assist you. They are capable of assisting you in combination with any other alternative healing or medical modalities.

Twilight Balancer Cards act on the basis of the law of attraction, i.e. same attracts same; you will be drawn to the vibration that you require at that particular time. The human physical body is capable of receiving frequencies and also emitting frequencies. Quantum mechanics provides the science to this fact. Each physical human body has a unique frequency that it resonates to, and thus it is capable of receiving frequencies if properly configured. An example would be equal to wearing skin patches. The energetic human physical body is programmed to know precisely where to send the medicine or substance in a patch to the proper area of the physical body, just as the energetic field of the human physical body is programmed to know precisely where to send the energy medicine it receives.

The same is clear of the Twilight Balancer Cards the human physical body knows which frequencies to use and how to assimilate them via a card the size of any credit card. Most beings will choose to keep the Twilight Balancer Cards on their person or within three (3) feet of their physical being in order for the physical body to access the frequencies embedded in the cards.

The effectiveness of the Twilight Balancer Cards has been reported to be received generally evident within the first minutes to a day of the first use depending on the reason for the use of the cards.

The effects of magnetism and energy forces have been studied since the time of the Greek and Roman empires. Chinese medicine uses one of the oldest accepted energy- based systems of healing. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the concept of qi (or ch'i) which is thought to be the vital energy or life force that flows throughout the body. The concept of life force is also a central aspect of Indian medical beliefs.

Consider the Twilight Balancer Cards to be a device, which has been developed with the ability to energise hundreds of healing frequencies onto a card the size of any credit card that you would be capable of keeping in your wallet.

Who is capable of using Twilight Balancer Cards? Anyone, adults, children and even pets are capable of benefiting from using these cards. Yes, even pets have benefitted from the cards. Animals similar to humans are a living being with a life force. It is this life force that emits a frequency and animals are capable of receiving a passive, positive energetic therapy to assist to relieve stress from any assortment of ailments. The same is accurate for children.

Remember that if one accepts themselves to be in a state of dreadful pain and are also choosing to get an IV of morphine for this level of pain most of the time the pain will go down. However it is wise to also remember that while Morphine is a narcotic pain reliever used to treat moderate to severe pain, some beings do not metabolise morphine well and thus they do not get any relief with its use. Thus is you choose to order the Twilight Balancer Cardsand do not receive any relief, please return the card with a written explanation of the condition and Night-Thunder International will either charge a card just for you or refund the price of the card!

From a cold or flu the cards is capable of being placed in close proximity to a child and the frequencies will help to neutralise the stress and symptoms of even a common cold.

Since each being on earth is unique consequently each being will react differently to the cards. Some beings are extremely sensitive and they may "experience" the effects, whereas most beings may just notice their perceived symptoms improving. Regardless the Twilight Balancer Cards have a broad appeal and do not have any side effects. The most unclear event that is capable of occurring is that the very sensitive beings may require keeping the Twilight Balancer Cards at a distance when they sleep. 

While at this time there is not any scientific research to backup the results of the
Twilight Balancer Cards it is perceived to be illogical to simply choose to dismiss them. One of our philosophies is “to dismiss something for the simple reason that it does not fit into the perceived perfect world of science is considered to be erroneous.” Almost anything (even an authentic drug) has a placebo effect.

Thousands of the reports are quietly moving, with beings sharing their stories about being delivered from a lifelong addiction or phobia that had made their life a living hell for decades. The mainstream medical authorities would write these stories off as not anything more than what is called "anecdotal evidence", and say that they do not prove anything.

Although the hundreds of thousands of beings who have found assistance with energy healing would say that their stories are not anecdotes, however real proof of the life changing power of energy healing. If you ask any of them "energy healing, does it really work?” the answer would be a resounding yes. And more and more physicians are beginning to agree with them. One of these days the medical establishment will be required to pay attention to these countless stories of beings being healed with energy healing, and begin to take it more significantly. This may take a while; nevertheless one of these days even the medical establishment may admit that energy healing really works.

How much do the Twilight Balancer Cards cost? The cards begin at the cost of $25.00 for a maximum total of 12 frequencies. For $50.00 you will get a card with at least a card with hundred real frequencies that focus on any issue you may require.Shipping by USPS domestic/USA and Internationally. Rates will be according to desired destination

The Twilight Balancer Card is a great way to experience energy medicine for the first time and or to enhance any other complementary alternative medicine modality.

These unique Twilight Balancer Cards offer another solution in your healthcare options for improved health and quality of life. While these cards do not replace medication or nutritional supplements they offer another viable choice for therapy without the side effects.


For many beings, even those familiar with Alternative Spiritual healing methods and Energy Healing is not well understood. We have attempted here to put together a list of questions. We are often asked about Twilight Balancer Cards. This list is always growing. If you have a question not answered here, please ask us, this is a work in progress.

What Are Twilight Balancer Cards?

Each card works in a similar way to a crystal, however much deeper. Now is the time to take control back of your body, mind and spirit. What is holding you back? You can explore this within the cards.

How to display Twilight Balancer on your body?

Sticking it to your physical body is not necessary. Just store in your pocket, your wallet or as for girl, just slip in your brassiere.

How are the Twilight Balancer Cards created?

While the process that creates the contrivance is a closely kept company secret, the Twilight Balancer Cardswork based on principles of vibrational healing by continuously emitting the information imprinted on and embedded in them. Twilight Balancer Cards are generators of specific vibrations which become your personal energy support in overcoming certain problems. Most programmes make reference to some sort of universal life energy which has been recognised in various cultures and traditions throughout time as “chi”, “prana”, shakti, etc. Reiki”, in fact, is often translated as “universal life energy”.

Was Reiki involved in the creation of the Twilight Balancer Cards

No. It is realised that many energy healing techniques, restore the balance and consequently healing the physical body, however reiki was not used.

What are some of the benefits that were reported by using Twilight Balancer Cards?

  • A sense of overall well being
  • Increase healing time of wounds
  • Assist to relieve stress and fatigue
  • Increase energy
  • Assist in pain relief
  • Relief of aches and pains
  • Assisting with the ease of back pain and physical body arthritis
  • Assisting in repairing damaged bones and tendons without surgery or injections.

Do Twilight Balancer Cards work on pets?

Yes, as long as your pet is a living being.

Disclaimer: All health issues information presented here is for educational purposes and does not represents any form of medical advice. Information provided at this website is not exhaustive and does not cover all aspects of the dis-ease or their treatment. Ought to have any healthcare-related questions, please ring or see your physician or other healthcare provider promptly.

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