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Your mind is capable of controlling your physical body by focusing on your "emotional memories." We are defining "emotions" as thoughts and sensations that have combined to create on energy that in many cases will be detrimental to your physical being.

Affirmations are thoughts, and thoughts create more thoughts that will be disregarded or acted upon according to the intensity of your "emotions."

Since most humans choose to create an abundance of "emotions" early in the physical life, almost every thought and physical sensation you have ever had, or ever will have, is accompanied with an "emotion." We choose to again examine at how this process works.

First you have a thought (either constructive or unconstructive), which triggers the release of ligands (information molecules) into your physical body. The ligands give a message to your cells, which pass on this information to other cells by releasing more ligands, which in turn affects your "emotions" in either a constructive or unconstructive way.

Here are some examples:

You decide you are going to choose to lose weight:

  1. You are tired of attempting to fit into your clothes or purchasing larger sizes of clothing to fit your physical body. You think of how pleasant it would be to be realise that you are slim once more. However, just as you are thinking these thoughts, you pass by a sweets shoppe. The aromas, you perceive are just too scrumptious. Your next thought is, "I am capable of starting my diet tomorrow."

    The thought of immediate gratification, coupled with the aromas of the sweets shoppe, negated the weak sensation of desiring to lose weight.

  2. You have just arrived from a visit to the physician's office. He diagnoses you as having a heart condition that is capable of being potentially lethal and informs you that if you do not choose to make immediate lifestyle changes, including loosing weight you may depart this life soon. You pass by a sweet shoppe and smell the aroma of fresh baked donuts.

  3. You remember what your physician just told you. Your physical response is one of nausea. Your mental and sense response might be, "Donuts equal physical death."

    Please attempt to remember that a large number of affirmations are designed to contradict what one deems of as being an uncomfortable "emotion." To choose to affirm that you are calm and relaxed, while you are enraged, is similar to white washing a decaying fence. You are merely disregarding what is deemed of as an important message from the layers of "emotional" energy that you have created over time. If this is continued for a long period of time, it is capable of potentially be harmful to your physical body.

Financial issues:

Let us impart that you are having financial tribulations, and you begin to affirm that, "I am abundant in all ways." For most people the affirmation is backed by the very real perceived fear that you are not abundant in all ways. Each time you say your affirmations your mind is engaged in attempting to convey to you that there is danger that requires to be addressed.

The results may be:

  1. You begin to train your mind that fear and bills equal abundance.
  2. Your mind and body are capable of beginning to send louder danger signals such as pain in your stomach and headaches, or frustration and anger.
  3. You are in a psychologically and physically abusive relationship. For the reason that you were raised by parents that you perceived were abusive, for you have conditioned yourself to believe that it is somehow your responsibility, and that if you are just well behaved enough the abuse will stop.


Let us perceive that you begin to use affirmations such as, "I am in a loving relationship, and my partner is gentle and loving." Not only are you capable of be giving your subconscious mind the idea that abuse is kind and loving, though several other things might happen:

  1. Physical Injury or Death - Statistics show that abusive partners turn out to be more abusive unless they receive long term counselling, and it is not your fault. No matter how beneficial you are the abuser will continue to abuse, because their anger and abuse is not about you.
  2. Depression - Humans all require love, compassion and understanding. When you stuff your "emotions" you interrupt the danger/fear flow of the ligands, which are capable of leading to a chronic dis-ease.
  3. Illness - Depression, illness and trauma are all factors that are known to slow the body's healing responses, which is capable potentially lead to the development of serious dis-eases.


Forgiveness is important in order to really let go of your emotional (JUNK) baggage. However, forgiveness is capable being experienced as threatening by many. It is capable of be experienced as if you are placing a seal of approval on their behaviour, and branding yourself at fault.

True forgiveness takes work. It entails:

  1. Understanding that your perceived abuser was most likely also a perceived abused child.
  2. Learning that what happened to you was not consciously your responsibility.
  3. Learning that you are not capable of changing them, you are only capable of changing yourself. It is referred to as developing personal responsibility.
  4. Learning that what happened in the past is not capable of being changed, though you are capable of learning to accept what is, and to turn your past experiences into strengths. You might attempt to give the impression at it this way, your past experiences with abuse/trauma are similar to that of those who go to war. You are capable of choosing to view yourself as a wounded being, or as a winner who carry on.
  5. Learning to trust your strength and inner integrity.
  6. Knowing that you are capable of looking after yourself, and that you have the power to keep this from every happening to you again.
  7. Cultivating self-love, self-respect, and self-trust.
  8. After accomplishing the above, the perceived abuser does not have any more power over you, you will find that it is easy to forgive/release them.

Please attempt to remember that the principle behind affirmations is to consciously decide that you would choose to have something. Though there is not anything that you will be required choose to begin now, you have been giving yourselves affirmations all your lives on an unconscious level. Many of them were beliefs that you heard as children, such as:

  1. "You work hard all your life, and then you will die,"
  2. "The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer,"
  3. "It is better to have a secure job that you don't like than to take risks and end up on the street."

Interestingly enough, as you grow older you choose to personalise your affirmations:

  1. "No matter what I do I will not ever have a job I love;"
  2. "I work long hours for little pay; it's my parents' fault that I am like this;"
  3. "I will not ever have everything I desire."
  4. "I will always be poor."

In energetic terms the energy of creation being generated by your constructive affirmations is being weakened and dissipated by the energy of your unconstructive affirmations.

The energy of an unconscious affirmation, for the reason that it does not have the deliberate focus and intention of a constructive affirmation is not as great as the latter.

However, in general, you have a great deal more of them, and for the reason that like attracts like, they tend to group together.

If you believe that prosperity exists in limited quantities you will also believe that people are fighting each other to get whatever there is, and may also believe that you are not capable of trusting anyone else when it comes to your money, or even your ideas about making money. Depending on your level of self-esteem you may also believe that due to the scarcity of money you are definitely not one of the people who will ever have it.

Beliefs such as these are not life-affirming; they do not support you in your purpose for being in physical existence, which is to experience the magic of being in physical form, to enjoy and be playful in physical existence, and to contribute to the enjoyment of other beings.

Limiting beliefs restrict the flow of life-giving energy; they are the source behind you choosing to feel congested, dense, and heavy. They generate the belief that life is a burden. They are capable of killing optimism and faith. They work against you in terms of creating and experiencing prosperity.

Here is a brief exercise you are capable of doing to distinguish how beliefs appear:

Be very aware of your sensations and of your body.

  • Think about always struggling to pay the bills. How do you experience this?
  • Imagine that your dentist has just told you that you require several thousand dollars of dental work. How do you experience this?
  • Now imagine that you have just received a huge raise. How do you choose to experience this?
  • Imagine that you just learned that you won the lottery. How do you choose to experience this? You have just experienced the energy of your thoughts and sensations.
  • Now think of and sense some limiting belief about money, which you have had for as long as you are capable of remembering. How does this experience?

If you have always believed that you will not ever have enough money it is as it you were carrying a big rock on your back. The energy of despair you put out comes back from the outside world, and that stone gets heavier and heavier.

Imagine how it would be experienced if you believe that you will not ever be prosperous, and you go in to ask your boss for a big raise.

Do you think you will receive it?

Many humans allow themselves to stumble, this is in the age old drama of wanting and expecting those to love them and not realising that they are unable to the degree that you assume that you ought to be loved, by the perceived abusers and those whom have seemingly caused you trauma. Many of you are looking at them as you look at what you believe yourselves to be. You are not looking at them how they really are. It is that perception thing again. For the reason that the bottom line is that you all want to be loved... and accepted.

Here is a truth at Night-Thunder International:

Somehow everything you experience is created. Though it is not always consciously created, there is still so much ignorance about what you choose to and why you do it. In addition most everyone around you also creates at the same time, that means that the more ignorant you are about your own potential, the more influence your surroundings possibly have on your lives. And then there is also the influence of the group-consciousness, what is capable of possibly creating events such as wars or nature disasters. So this whole energy-weaving is unbelievably interesting, though much more complex than the above mentioned statements would like you to believe.

The above-mentioned statements may be perceived as very judgemental and prejudiced. They do not know you, though they know it all they think; this is the attitude of a very big ego. "I am more superiour than you are, at least I am less stupid than you are," it says. So actually they are telling you that there is something erroneous with you. Though if you are all gods and goddesses, than how is it possible for the group-consciousness to be something erroneous with you? And what is perceived as being "wrong," and what is perceived of as "right?"

You would do great work if you were capable of acting from a point of true love and encourage persons instead of criticising them. Yes, do attempt to read the message of their physical body, though please from a point of acceptance and open-mindedness, instead of from a point of criticising and judging. The first thing comes from a source of true love and acceptance, oneness, your true source, while the second thing springs from a viewpoint of being separate, having to defend yourself against what ever!

This is your small ego.

So the source of our uneasiness is capable of being multifold, and it is very much worth to try to understand it, though even more important is how you wish to proceed, for this is really an opportunity of your creative force. You are capable of putting endless energy in attempting to explain and work through your personal past, though the present forms the base for your future.So please act for the sake of your future, and everyone else's.

Choose a therapy that you believe in or have an attraction to, starting from the point of view that you deserve the finest that you are capable of achieving out of your life.

Remember that your mind is not capable of creating anything bigger than your beliefs, and the more that you believe is possible for you, the more that will be possible.

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