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This technique assists with clearing and releasing blockages or karmic imprints within your energy field.  Feel free to bookend this technique with prayers or meditation.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Place your awareness on the heart area. Allow yourself to fully experience whatever perceived emotion comes up when you focus on a particular pattern you wish to release.

Visualise a Yin/Yang symbol in front of you, about a foot and a half above your heart, rotating in a clockwise direction. Visualise the karmic imprint located around the emerald green heart chakra as a substance, ie: black gunk, shards of glass or twisted metal. (Whatever you experience as being clear.) Visualise the substance being drawn up into the Yin/Yang symbol. If you experience intuitively that one of the other chakras is more suitable than the heart, (usually within the lower three root (red), the sacral (orange), or solar plexus (yellow)), then visualise that particular chakra with the Yin/Yang symbol above it.

Mentally transfer the substance over to the masculine shoulder. (Dissolve the Yin/Yang symbol.)
Ask this substance if it has anything to inform you of?. (Sometimes yes and sometimes no.)
Forgive the pattern and any individuals connected with it. (Through connecting with the perceived emotion in a deemed heart-felt way.)

Thank it for all the knowledge you have gained through your participation with it.
Forgive yourself. (Often this relates to issues of self judgement.)
Visualise a gust of air or stream of water that comes in from your masculine side, picks up the debris, which now transforms into dust, and carries it away, circling above your head.

Ask and intend that the debris leaves all of your energetic bodies, in all lifetimes, throughout all dimensions, permanently.

Visualise and experience the brilliant platinum energy of the Christ/Buddha consciousness come in to heal and fill up the heart (or alternative chakra) with the Divine energy of Unconditional Love.

Conclude by visualising and intending all chakras be fully cleared and aligned with the platinum energy of Divine Unconditional Love. View each chakra, in turn, glow with a deemed sacred light.

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