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Do I have to have something that is perceived as "wrong" with me to attend a session?

Healing takes place on many different levels. Certainly the Light of Life Energy is dramatically successful in stimulating physical healing from whatever health problem you might have. However, even if you are free of any physical health problem, this unique Energy is rejuvenating ambrosia, which enhances youthfulness, beauty and longevity.

How long does healing take?

No one is capable of answering that question with any accuracy. Although the actual healing is complete in an instant, the physical manifestation often takes some time. Everybody chooses to heal at a different rate. The rate at which you choose to heal will be affected by how quickly you implement physical recommendations and how much effort you put into optimistically creating, once you learn how.

Also, you have deeply layered programming that is controlling whatever is going on with you. You may not be willing or able to give everything up all at once. Most people prefer weekly sessions. This will allow you time to move forward without fear, noticing the exciting changes that are occurring within you as healing happens.

It is possible for massive interdimensional healing on many levels to begin instantaneously. Complete healing happens when a connection of Human/Body, Psychic/Mind and God/Soul levels occur simultaneously, though most people change consciously at one part of a level at a time.

Humans tend to adjust to each change as it occurs. Total immediate change would be like un-plugging from a 220-volt electrical unit in your home, and re-plugging directly into an electrical transformer. This frequency change, experienced in small amounts, is what the body physically goes through when it clears out the "junk" and attunes itself with the other levels of the bodies. How many layers there are to be released will be indicative to how long you have been stuffing what are deemed of as "emotions" or energy or how many lifetimes you have lived and how many issue you still carry from those lifetimes, or how out of balance you are?

The facilitator is not capable of forcing too much perception of truth at one time or the client may turn away from the reflection. They are required to reflect enough to prevent stagnation and keep the self-discovery process moving.

When shifts occur, resulting in the peeling off of illusions, your entire life will change. The real you, your true self starts to surface and you begin to see through your veils a new level a awareness and new thought perceptions.

Am I supposed to stop taking my medication? Am I supposed to stop going to doctor's appointments or therapy?

We at Night-Thunder International are not medical doctors. Thus we will not ever instruct you that you ought to, or ought not to take prescription medications or use any particular medical therapy. That is completely up to you and your physician. We do not make medical recommendations. Remember every being is different. Only you are capable of deciding what optimum is for you. Please use beneficial decision-making.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (Pronounced ray-key) is an ancient form of energy healing that is being practised by many throughout the world and is being promoted as a serious alternative therapy. The essence of the art that is the basis of what is know of as Relki is a laying-on of hands healing technique that is thousands of years old. Reiki is thought to have originated as a Tibetan Buddhist practise that was re-discovered in the late 1800's by a Dr. Mikao Usui, who was a Japanese Buddhist.

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words-Rei and Ki- Rei is the upper Japanese kanji character and Ki is the lower character. "Rei" as it is used in Reiki is interpreted to mean supernatural knowledge or spiritual consciousness; the wisdom that is perceived to come from a Higher Self. "Ki" is the life force, which is the nonphysical energy that animates all living things, and the primary energy of emotions, thoughts, and spiritual life.

Reiki was "rediscovered" in Japan in the 1800's by a Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki's origins are believed to be found in Tibetan sutras and ancient records of cosmology and philosophy, though the healing art that is now know of as Reiki actually was brought to Tibet by way of Egypt. The origin of these messages is written to have come from Sanskrit symbols. These messages have been passed on from one reiki master to another. The Reiki technique or method that is used today is based firmly on the esoteric principles that were represented in Japan in the early part of the 20th century CE.

Reiki, unlike many forms of "energy medicine", does not involve diagnosing the perceived imbalance in the recipient's energy field. Reiki practitioners will inform the recipient that they are in charge of drawing in the energy required to bring about a balance. This is not really a clear truth. The reiki treatments are the process in which energy flows from the practitioner and into the client.

There are twelve symbols that are now used in Reiki. Which came from a system that had twenty-two symbols. The Reiki system as it is practised today is an incomplete system. The original system that is the basis to the method of reiki had 352 Symbols in the complete system.

Reiki is very popular among New Age spiritualists, who are very fond of "attunements," "harmonies," and "balances." Reiki apprentice healers are reported to pay up to $10,000 to their masters to become masters themselves.

How does one block or resist?

One may sometimes locate a barrier within a client. For instance, an inability to let go of the past creates an obstacle to recovery for many people. Learning to just "let go" is consequently every so often a part of the healing process. Experiences of perceived guilt, resentment, anger or frustration are also capable of creating a predicament that limits the healing probability.

Paradoxically religious, philosophic views or intense beliefs are capable of also developing into an impediment to the healing endeavour. There are those humans who have also been taught that they are required to suffer and that to suffer is perceived as "good" for what they perceive of is the "soul". Others believe that it is their deemed destiny or their perceived karma to endure torment in this life. Others hold the outlook that one is required to endure suffering in this lifetime to compensate for some perceived sin or transgression committed in an earlier existence.

Suffering is not part of the perceived "divine plan" neither for the universe nor for the individual. If it were an intelligent "god" would not have provided humans with an escape route, which humans refer to as the healing gift. The Hindu philosophy of what is known of, as karma has been greatly misinterpret in the West. The Hindu is not obsessed with some deemed past incarnation. He accept as truth that developing what has been taught to be a karmic pattern is a part of the life one is living now choosing to live, and that a humans thoughts, words and deeds in this life time form the pattern of their own destiny. The Hindu does not make out what is perceived to be "karmic indebtedness" as a barrier to health or fulfillment in this lifetime.

Is a healer capable of promising that one heals?

The healer is not ever capable of promising that an improvement or complete healing will take place. He or she is simply a channel of healing. This is, of course clear of practitioners in every orthodox or complementary therapy.

Do you guarantee that I will be healed?

You know that we are not capable of doing that. There are not any guarantees for the reason that each person has free choice. All of your individual programs are capable of being cleared and you will still be capable of deciding that your current life is complete and make your transition to the next. Your lifestream is capable of deciding not to accept the healing energy offered or you might decide not to do the physical things required in order to choose to heal.

All that the healer is ever capable of promising is that he or she will do everything they are capable of doing to assist the client's recovery.

Where did the term Allopath come from?

The term "allopathy" was invented by German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). He conjoined allos "opposite" and pathos "suffering" as a referent to harsh medical practices of his era, which included bleeding, purging, vomiting, and the administration of highly toxic drugs.

These practices were based on the ancient Greek humoral theory, which attributed dis-ease to an imbalance of four humours (i.e., blood, phlegm, and black and yellow bile) and four bodily conditions (i.e, hot, cold, wet and dry) that corresponded to four elements (earth, air, fire, and water). Physicians following the Hippocratic tradition attempted to balance the humours by treating symptoms with "opposites." For instance, fever (hot) was believed due to excess blood because patients were flush; therefore, balance was sought by bloodletting in order to "cool" the patient. Hahnemann sought to replace allopathy with his "law of similia" that treated "like with like," a pre-scientific idea that he had discovered from reading ancient sources. Hahnemann had abandoned medical practice because of his inability to heal his patients by the methods of his era. He earned money by translating classical works into German leading him to ancient medical ideas.

Although many modern therapies are capable of being construed to conform to an allopathic rationale (eg, using a laxative to relieve constipation), standard medicine has not ever paid allegiance to an allopathic principle. The label "allopath" was considered highly derisive by regular medicine. A 1902 CE book intended for new medical graduates reveals just how vehemently Medical Doctors once opposed and resented the label.

Remember that the term "Allopath" is a fictitious nickname not chosen by regular physicians at all, though cunningly coined, and put in wicked use against us, in his venomous crusade against Regular Medicine by its enemy, Hahnemann, and ever since applied to us by our enemies with all the insinuations and derisive use the term afford. "Allopathy" applied to regular medicine is both untrue and offensive and is no more accepted by us that the term "Heretics" is accepted by the Protestants, or "Niggers" by the Blacks. The terms "allopath" and 'allopathy" are often used in reference to Medical Doctors and standard medicine by medical writers. Such use generally reflects an alternate definition of allopathy: "a system of medical practice making use of all measures proved of value (emphasis added) in treatment of dis-ease." This definition accurately describes modern, science-based medicine, though is inconsistent with its root words "allos" and "pathos." The duplicity of the term aids those who wish to misrepre-sent medicine as ideologically allopathic (i.e., symptom suppression). NCAHF recommends that these terms not be used in reference to standard medicine or MDs.

Is Night-Thunder International a religion?

While some of our healers may be Ministers of various religions, however those religious beliefs will not ever be imposed upon you. Whatever spiritual or religious path you are on, we honour and bless it. In order to heal, you are not required to believe any particular dogma or creed. Believe whatever you want. We recommend you choose beliefs that empower you to heal.

What is Spiritual Healing?

The channeling of healing energy from its spiritual source to someone who requires it is referred to as spiritual healing. The channel is usually a person, whom is referred to as a healer, and the healing energy is usually transferred to the client through the healer's hands. According to these healers, the healing does not come from the healer, though through them.

The word "spiritual" refers to the divine nature of the energy, which healers agree comes from one external, invisible intelligent source. The healing energy from this source is available to all.

Healers see the body mind and lifestream as one interdependent unit and believe all three are required to work in harmony to maintain constructive health. Any perceived problem, be it a broken leg or depression requires the power of healing to restore the balance of the whole person. It is perceived that sickness often starts in the mind, or at the deeper level of the lifestream, and it is often here that healing begins.

Is Night-Thunder International Anti-Medical?

Absolutely not! Everything has its place. All other non-emergency perceived health problems, though, are capable of being benefited by stimulating the physical human body to heal itself with Alternative Medicine. Furthermore, you are not required to stop your Medical care in order to add on some type of Alternative strategy, you are capable of doing both at the same time. Over the years the practioners of Night-Thunder International have worked closely with some licensed physicians for the health and benefit of the client.

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