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The Children Ceremony


(For couples previously married)

For the encore Bride & Groom who wish to include and/or recognise their children from a previous marriage. It acknowledges the significant role they will play in their parent's remarriage. What a wonderful way for parents to reassure their children of how loved and important they are.

The Family Ceremony

For couples marrying for the first time with children of their own and/or with children from a previous marriage and may even include grandchildren in the ceremony. A wedding is not just the legal binding of two people together; it is also the Spiritual Bonding of two groups of people who will grow into a family.

That is the purpose of
The Children & The Family Ceremony. . .
To marry a Family instead of just a couple!

Spiritual Wedding Ceremony

A non-religious spiritual ceremony that uses wording and rituals which reflect the couple's values. This ceremony centres on the clearness of the human character and the beauty and harmony of a spiritual approach to life. .

Memory Candle Ceremony

For those who have had the personal loss of a significant loved one whom they would like to acknowledge and honour before or during the ceremony with the lighting of a Memory Candle.

Renewal of Vows

A Renewal of Vows is a ceremony to celebrate your marriage and the renewal of your love and faith in one another. There are several reasons a couple chooses to renew their wedding vows. Perhaps they were married at the courthouse or their family was unable to be present at their ceremony. Some couples wish to honour their years together in a happy marriage, or for the healing of past wounds, to re-establish faith in each other or to reaffirm their vows in a style or manner much different than the first time.



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