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Commitment Ceremonies

What is a commitment ceremony?

A commitment ceremony is a meaningful and dignified ceremony for adult couples. The purpose of the ceremony is to make a public declaration of life-long commitment, love and dedication between two people. The occasion is capabler of being shared with family and friends, if you prefer, the ceremony is capable of being held in private without guests.


Important information about a commitment ceremony.

Neither the commitment ceremony nor any documents issued as part of the ceremony has any legal status and is not capable of being used to establish legal rights.


These ceremonies are secular and do not contain religious references.

What decisions do we need to consider?

Do think carefully about who you would like to invite, think about the words you will say to one another and whether you wish to exchange rings and/or gifts. The ceremony is designed to adapt to your requirements and wishes, thus do take time to consider your choices and discuss them with the celebrant who will be happy to offer you the benefit of their experience and advice.


How is a commitment ceremony detailed?

Every commitment ceremony is unique. Working within the ceremony framework, couples create their own unique celebration by selecting words, poems and readings that hold a special meaning for them. The venue, number of guests and involvement of other guests are all choices made by the couple to create a meaningful, personalised shared experience.


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