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Commitment Ceremony - When to Have One

Usually a Commitment of Vows is celebrated very much like the Renewal of Wedding Vows.

Just as a couple may choose to Renew their Wedding Vows on their Wedding Anniversary, a couple who has just become engaged may choose to celebrate their Commitment in a public ceremony.

Two well known people who held a Commitment Ceremony were Lady Hamilton and Lord Nelson. Neither being free to marry each other, they exchanged vows and rings in a private Commitment Ceremony of their own.

Their Commitment to each other was so strong, that when mortally wounded in a battle, Nelson's last thoughts were for Lady Hamilton when he asked that the Commitment Ring she gave him would be returned to her at his death.

In the same way couples today, who are not quite ready to marry, or for some reason are unable to marry, exchange vows - and perhaps rings - to underscore their commitment to each other.

In particular, where either one or both partners have children, and have decided to set up a home together, they may arrange a Commitment Ceremony in front of their family and friends, to reassure the children of the seriousness of their intentions.

The Commitment Ceremony has no legal requirements or consequences. It is a ceremony in which partners express their feelings for each other, their hopes for the future, their gratitude for the past they may already have shared. They may like to involve family and friends in the ceremony itself or invite them as guests.

Some couples, who have decided to get married overseas, like to celebrate their Commitment in front of all those people who will not be able to join them for the wedding itself. To compile a Commitment Ceremony have a look at this format. 


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