Marriage Services

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Marriage Services


For the simple reason that every bride and every wedding is different, Night-Thunder Weddings offer several diverse options of services depending on the requirements.


The Traditional Wedding

A liberal amount of face-to-face, phone, and email communication and consultation. Communication with the wedding coordinator and/or facility managers. Options for vows, Scripture readings, and poetry.  Endless suggestions of music and ceremony flow. Endless suggestions of music and ceremony flow.


The Casual-Intimate Wedding

Last minute ceremonies or casual in home events with only the closest of friends and family. Little planning, just a simple intimate ceremony


Personality / Relationship Testing

Night-Thunder International is certified to offer personality test.  It is helpful to understand your future spouse and yourself better.


We are committed to making your wedding and your marriage successful.


Pre-Marriage Advisement

Sessions are relaxed, pleasurable, and enlightening.


Sessions are not traditional counselling sessions, however rather, communication sessions for the benefit of superiour understanding the commitment you are about to make. 


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