Clairvoyant Awakening

Night Thunder

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    Clairvoyant Awakening

The scent of your skin pluses in waves, crashing on the shores of my innocence....

Fragrance of sweet flowers, earthy roots and tender young grass...

Filling my body with an intensity of lustful desire 

They cut a haunting memory deep into my soul

I come closer as I breathe you in..

My mouth hungry to taste your essence..

My wanting opens a sacred portal and I kiss your chest..

As if I can taste your light

My longing was heightened... 

When I bathed in the waters of abandoned limits...

Mirrored by silky blackness....

and I stepped out of my lost personality

I am the Goddess awakened,

Clicking rocks of a liberating vibration,

Once cloaked in the illusion of humanness....

I wish to take off all pretense 

Exposing the rawness of who I Am

All is no more

Purity returns to the body

The heart pumping into newness of a breath..

I come into vibration and then form..

Stillness awaits as I breathe you in and rapture engulfs my being

My wanting is boundless now...

Innocence is an explosion of desire.

I melt into your essence and my power returns..  

The birthright of remembering

Dripping in tears, gratitude enfolds,

I Am Holy again

And your scent, an ancient clairvoyant awakening




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